Hey There!

My name is Elizabeth Nordenholt, and I make podcasts and other content. I'm available for guest spots an interviews on a variety of topics. For more information about booking me for editing and consultation, please visit PodCat Audio


You can listen to me at the two podcasts I co-host and co-produce:

Your Fave Is Problematic
FMK All Day

Watch me on Life Action Roleplay's Boardroom Armageddon series as Sabriel, the Angel Intern

Or you can listen to me on the many varied shows I've been invited on.
Curiosity Hour, on polyamory, queerness, and finding yourself after evangelical Christianity.
Sirens of Horror, about the 1970s film The Wicker Man.
Point and Clink, on how Gritty became a leftist symbol
Queerly Yours, on sexuality, queerness, polyamory, and purity culture.
The Only Podcast About Movies, on the ethics of separating art from the artist.
Ring My Bell, on Taco Bell, masturbation, and body and sex positivity
Cool Breeze Over the Mountains, on Keanu Reeves' film Henry's Crime
Talk 30 Rock to Me, on the rewatch of two 30 Rock episodes
Any Album You Like, on The Wizard of Oz, Florence + the Machine, etc


If we haven't met- hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a podcaster and content creator currently residing in Los Angeles. I come from a background in theatre and stage management, and have been producing podcasts since 2017. I've covered topics including social justice, pop culture, kink and sexuality, table top role playing games, and ethical non-monogamy. I've also acted as a consultant to many folks starting on their own podcasting adventures! Collaborating with other creators in one of my greatest joys, and I'd be delighted to work with you!


Interested in working together? Drop me a line so we can chat! Like my work? Buy me a ko-fi.